Liz Fong-Jones explains why she left, and the future of tech worker activism, in a new op-ed

Credit: Mason Trinca / Stringer/Getty Images

I quit Google this January. It was a bittersweet moment — I joined 11 years ago as a college dropout and ultimately emerged as a prominent figure in the field of Site Reliability Engineering. My work had impact, I liked my team, and Google had given me so much over…

A New York Times report exacerbated stigma while bringing wrongdoing to light

Photo by Mason Trinca/Getty Images

For years, vulnerable people in Silicon Valley have whispered warnings to each other about the unethical behavior of multiple Alphabet executives who sexually harassed individuals they held power over in the workplace. On October 25, two New York Times reporters released their yearlong investigation, and the scandal burst into the…

Liz Fong-Jones

Site Reliability Engineer, labor and ethics organizer, and developer advocate.

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